A Proof of Work based Crypto Asset

BugaCoin has no central authority or bank. You don’t need to trust third-parties to keep your BugaCoin safe. Miners are continuously validating all the transactions.


BUGA = Blockchain User Gateway Asset

Coin Specification :

  • Algorithm: Scrypt Proof of Work (POW) 
  • POS (coming soon)
  • Coin Name : Bugacoin
  • Coin Ticker : BUGA
  • Public Address : B
  • Testnet Address : T
  • RPC port : 2332
  • P2P port : 2333
  • Coinbase maturity : (default 120 confirmation) blocks
  • Transaction: (default 30 confirmation) blocks
  • Block Reward : 25 BUGA
  • Premine and Developments: No Premine by Team
  • Max Supply : 84 Million coins



Instant Payments

Time is money. ChainOX payments confirm in less than 1 second.



Masternodes process transactions at high speeds with minimum fees. (coming soon)


Blockchain Technology

Bugacoin is a community-centric cryptocurrency with distributed consensus.


Secure PrivateSend

Hundreds of community-owned servers around the world encrypt and secure transactions.


Peer-to-peer Transactions

BugaCoin has no central authority. You don’t need to trust anyone to keep your crypto safe.


Community Consensus

BugaCoin is run by the community. Anyone can propose for the change.




     Phase 1

        Launching Pre Release Wallet.

        Testing Wallet, Nodes, Network

        Listing on Mining Pools

     Phase 2

        Registering the Social Handel.

        Listing on Aggregators.

        Updated Website.

     Phase 3

        Releasing New Wallet.

        List on Market/Exchange

        Hard Folk Update

     Phase 4

        List on Coinpaprika.

        List on Coingecko.

       Deploy Masternode feature